InfoSec/Cybersecurity Staffing

We rapidly deliver highly accomplished and certified professionals to effective bridge your skills gap and meet your talent needs. We have both management talent and subject matter experts available to accelerate protect your enterprise quickly.

GDPR Compliance

We have multiple certified data protection officers (EU GDPR DPOs) on hand to get and keep you compliant with GDPR and US Privacy Shield. We also provide EU respresentative services.

Penetration Testing

Our stable of highly experienced, certified penetration testers (Pen-Testers) allow us to match our talent to your needs. Our reports provide both high level executive summaries and detailed, technical findings and mitigation solutions for your engineers, and will work closely with your team to ensure the findings can be effectively and efficiently acted upon, mitigating risk and improving your security posture.

Sales Engineers

We can find you the best sales engineers to grow your sales. We have hundreds of Sales Engineers distributed across the USA. You’re in safe hands with our experienced pre-sales engineers, with all candidates selected for their intimate knowledge of your market segment needs.

Security Architecture

We pick experienced, skilled and capable project managers to ensure your project reaches its full potential: on schedule and without compromises.

Security Project Managers

We pick experienced, skilled and capable project managers to ensure your project reaches its full potential: on schedule and without compromises.

Auditing & Certification

We supply experts in auditing and compliance, implement and monitor controls for SOX, SOC2, HIPAA or PCI. Stealth Workers can significantly decrease your time to certification.

CISO as a service

Experienced Chief Security Officers are hard to attract and harder to retain. We have multiple highly experienced executives available to can step into the role quickly, and steer your team to maximum effectiveness. Alternatively they can build the right team for you from scratch.

Cloud Security Expertise

We draw candidates from a pool of highly experienced Cloud Security specialists (most are AWS certified) who can insure the confidentiality and integrity of your applications, systems and data deployed in the cloud.

Application Security

We go well beyond the bare minimum of the OWASP to 10 and automated security scans. We collaborate closely with your development and architecture teams to indentify and correct vulnerabilities, poor coding and data leakage, keeping you solid, stable and secure.

Our Consultants

Approx 80% of Stealth Workers are from the USA. We have others based in Europe, Asia and Australia.
We have worked on with companies and projects based in:

US United States
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AU Australia
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BE Belgium
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CA Canada
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HK Hong Kong
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IN India
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ID Indonesia
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IE Ireland
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Frequently Asked Questions


Stealth Worker is a platform for bringing together those that need cyber security skills, and those that need them. Stealth Worker ensures you get a great match for the skill sets you need. We take care of billing for the Stealth Workers, and are there to help whenever you need us.


Most Stealth Workers are information security professionals or sales engineers with at least five years enterprise experience. We also have competent support staff (e.g. Tech Writers) available. Many Stealth Workers are freelancers, others work in States with a right to work outside a traditional employment model (e.g. California), others have specific agreements with their employers to take on non-competing consulting work.


CEOs need to ensure their brand is appropriately protected. We empower your CISO to do this at a higher quality and lower price than the traditional employment model. CEOs of Tech companies also need to shorten their sales cycle, increase closure rate and control costs. Stealth Worker optimizes all three.


The success of a CISO depends on having the right team competent in the right tools. Stealth Worker can rapidly provision highly skilled team members for your team in a very cost-efficient manner e.g. need a Cloud DLP expert for 10 hours a week for the next 6 months? We have many.


If you are currently employed, only become a Stealth Worker if a) it will not interfere with your current job(s) and b) you can provide exceptional value to the person hiring you as a contractor.


It is absolutely free for Stealth Workers. Employers are charged a management fee as a percentage of the worker hourly rate.


Audit, pen-tests, process flow analysis, policy creation, best practice implementation... let your imagination run wild. Sales and Implementation Engineers are also in high demand. This enables you to be a product specialist in a new technology, and run Proof of Concept (PoCs) for clients in your geographic area.


Stealth Worker believes the current cybersecurity market is inefficient. This results in huge security breaches, as CISOs cannot obtain the talented staff and tools they need in the current market. Security vendors also have an inefficient market, dominated by larger vendors with outdated technologies. Security vendors need to provide high quality technical sales, while keeping their burn rate under control. Stealth worker solves both of these issues by providing competent staff at the fraction of the cost of employees.


Under US law, Stealth Workers are classed as contractors. Every year each Stealth Worker will obtain a 1099 from StealthWorker.com for their taxes.


For the majority of roles, YES. For Sales Engineers and Implementation Engineers the majority of the work will be onsite at customer engagements. However, each job vacancy will list the specifics required for the role.